"Mocha": contemporary styled classic

It's so nice when a favorite coffee takes on a new image and becomes even more attractive. Convenient packaging saves time and helps to keep the freshness of the grains for a long time; the artfully chosen design pleases the eye, and the taste of coffee opens up in a new way thanks to the improved recipe. And it's our bright novelty that all of this is about. Coffee "Mocha" has become a few steps closer to perfection. Now it is presented in three formats at once, for any rhythm of life!

"Mocha" in the bean and ground "Mocha" suit perfectly for a quiet morning, granting you the opportunity to savor every sip of your favorite drink. Sublimated "Mocha" is optimal for situations where every minute counts.

The rich taste and pronounced flavor of "Mocha" are born from the highest quality coffee beans carefully collected on the plantations of South America and Africa. That's why our coffee gives you inspiration and cheerfulness, creating a great mood at the beginning of the day.