Coffee by the Moscow Сoffee House introduced in Slovakia!

Year after year, the Moscow Coffee House has been becoming an increasingly popular brand, by awaking a great interest not only in Russia. We have recently received a request from the capital of Slovakia for supplying our products. Jozef Bača, the founder of the Slovensko-ruská základná škola (Russian-slovak basic school), wrote us that he plans to open a debating club named after Peter the Great, one of the most famous Russian tsars, and the renowned Slovak writer Ľudovít Štúr. He would like to hold meetings of the club members while having a cup of Russian coffee and tea.

We have found an opportunity to deliver the product samples to Bratislava. The school staff highly appreciated the quality of coffee by the Moscow Coffee House and we were invited. During the meeting, Jozef told us about all the stages of establishing the school, about the difficulties that had to be overcome, and about his plans for the nearest future. Particular emphasis was made the assistance rendered by friends – the school would not have existed without their active participation. Today it gives each child a unique opportunity to study subjects in Russian and Slovak languages at the same time.

The school works jointly with the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Bratislava, with the support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation to the Slovak Republic.

We believe that the Moscow Coffee House will be another reliable friend of the Russian-slovak basic school, one of a kind as of today. We wish great achievements and prosperity to Jozef Bača's project. We sincerely hope for a long and fruitful cooperation.