Sublimated Coffee "Arabica" sets record of Roscontrol Consumers' Association Rating

Sublimated coffee "Arabica" manufactured by the Moscow Coffee House set the record of one of the most objective ratings of goods and services, which is provided by Roscontrol Consumers' Association. Let's see, why this achievement is considered significant, and what the criteria for goods selecting and evaluating are.

Along with recognized experts of the food production industry, ordinary consumers also tale part in forming this rating, in a way that everyone can express their opinion. Goods for verification are determined based on the Internet users' voting. Moreover, the samples that received the most request, are subject to an individual test. The evaluation criteria are quite strict, thus fair. Hence far from every product receive high scores upon the examination.

Goods are purchased at retail stores. While buying and delivering products to expert laboratories, all the conditions required to preserve the initial goods quality are strictly observed. The samples are photographed, entered into the database, and then undergo the procedure of anonymization. It is necessary to ensure that laboratory specialists do not know what kind of product they are examining. All the elements of marking, allowing to recognize the brand and the manufacturer, are to be hidden.

The goods receive unique codes and are sent for research to specialized testing centers. There they are tested according to programs individually developed for each product type. Roscontrol pays great attention to the selection of such laboratories and has high-level requirements to their competence and equipment. The testing centers include such institutions as the Scientific Research Institute of Hygiene and Health of Children and Adolescents FSBI "National Center of Children's Health" of RAMS, the Regional Certification and Testing Authority (ROSTEST) and the Scientific Research Institute for Children's Nutrition.

Each sample must comply with mandatory safety requirements. It is important that the information for consumers indicated in the marking is reliable. Food products are evaluated based on their nutritional value. Experts analyze the obtained data, correlate them with the brand of goods under the anonymization certificate, conduct an examination of consumer packaging and labeling, and then form a detailed report. It is noteworthy that the results of the tests are also commented on by invited experts from research and expert organizations.

For convenience, Roscontrol demonstrates the results of research using its rating, which allows one to easily and quickly evaluate the properties of goods. You can compare and make a choice both on the website Росконтроль.рф and in the mobile application. The goods receive a rank in the private and general rating. The private one consists of several indices reflecting various consumer properties. If the sample does not meet security requirements or is falsified, then it drops out of the rating and is entered into the "black list" of Roscontrol.

Multilevel testing reduces the probability of experts' error to a minimum. So, there is only one way left for manufacturers to put their goods on top of the rating – to observe strict quality control. The Moscow Coffee House always adheres to this principle, and that's why the company's products receive high appraisal from Roscontrol's specialists.