"Arabica" enters Top Three of the "Natural Selection" Rating Program.

The Moscow Coffee House consistenly provides high quality of its products, and therefore the company takes part in various tests and competitions with pleasure. Recently, one of the company's most famous products, the sublimated coffee "Arabica", has successfully passed an independent examination in the program "Natural Selection" on the TVC channel.

The release of January 9, 2018 covered the topic of instant coffee. Experts shared tips on choosing among the product varieties and discussed its useful properties. Along with an independent expertise of some popular coffee brands, a popular vote also took place. Not all products managed to undergo rigorous selection and receive high marks. But coffee from the Moscow Coffee House showed an excellent result again and became one of the top three finalists of the contest. Harmonious taste and deep aroma of "Arabica" impressed both specialists and ordinary consumers.

Sublimated "Arabica" set a record — it received the highest score in the history of the Roscontrol Consumers' Association's rating. You can find the test results on the organization's website:

We are grateful to everyone choosing drinks by the Moscow Coffee House. It is thanks to you that the company's products get better every day.