The Moscow Coffee House: 20 years of impeccable quality!

It seems a part of holiday to open a bottle of champagne. But on our birthday, we have a much nicer thing to open. It's another bag of favorite coffee. In November 2017, we were 20 years old. This is a solid age for a Russian company and a good time to recall the stages of our formation.

Since the very foundation of it in 1997, the company has sought to break the stereotype of Russians and to prove that the Russian coffee can be better than the imported one. Because of our high quality, our coffee has been in great demand almost immediately, and as early as 1999 we were among the winners of the prestigious Brand of the Year Contest. Since then, we have managed to win more than 50 awards, including some of the most prestigious ones – the Europe's International Prize for Quality (2004) and the Gold Medal in Geneva (2011).

The year 2002 has been a key milestone for us. We started the construction of the first full-cycle plant in Eastern Europe to produce freeze-dried coffee. Cutting-edge technologies, highly skilled specialists, the highest quality of raw materials have been solid grounds for pride.

In 2012, we acquired plantations in Colombia and Dominican, where the trees are regularly provided with proper care. We manually select the most ripe coffee berries and prefer the moist way to treat them. It's more expensive, but it gives us an optimal result that impressed the world-class expert Nestor Osorio, the ex-head of the International Coffee Organization (ICO). Now, unlike most of the producers who buy coffee on market, we can control the quality of coffee at every stage, through which the coffee beans go on the way from the plantation to a cup.

Today, our company is among the coffee market leaders. Our assortment has drinks for any taste: coffee-beaned, ground coffee, freeze-dried coffee, capsuled, ground in instant coffee, "3 in 1" and freeze-dried chicory, unparalleled by anyone in the world.

High quality has made the products of the company demanded in all parts of Russia, as well as Belarus, Kazakhstan and many others CIS countries. Our representative offices are in every Russian region. The demand for coffee by The Moscow Coffee House is constantly increasing, and there is a planned expansion of production in the future.

We do not save on improving the production technologies in principle, and at the same time we appreciate the time-tested methods.

Our mission is to create a coffee that allows everyone to feel the fullness of life, makes communication easy and unenforceable.

We look forward to the future, knowing how important it is to remember all the stages of our common history.

We want people to appreciate every moment, every day lived, and enjoy the true pleasure of simple things. Like a cup of good coffee.