Instant coffee makes life longer

The tradition of having a couple of cups of instant coffee gives us pleasure, and it is very useful as well. That is confirmed by the latest researches of the National Health Institutes of the USA. Coffee produced by “The Moscow Coffee House“ undergoes a multistage filtration through membrane filters, and therefore is good for health. We just need to take our individual features into account and not to consume too much of it.

The experiments with animals and people showed that instant coffee is an efficient tool against a lot of diseases, it can even prolong a human life. Consumption of 2–3 cups of coffee a day reduces the overall mortality by 20%, it reduces mortality from cardiovascular diseases, eliminates risks of depression and suicide.

Instant coffee is good for prevention of gout and nephrolithiasis, diabetes disease type 2 and cholelithiasis. Besides, it protects brain cells and liver from aging, defends from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, cancer of liver, kidneys, colon and  premenopausal mammary cancer. Hence, if coffee consumption goes beyond 2–3 cups a day, the risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases grows.

Coffee is good only for those, whose blood pressure stays normal one hour after the consumption. Better to refuse from having coffee in case of severe liver diseases, hypertonic disease, glaucoma or if you take certain medicine, in particular oral contraceptives.

To make sure that instant coffee is harmless for you, you need to pass a special test to determine your genetic code. People with certain codes should not take coffee, if their menu includes turmeric, caraway, mint, chamomile, dandelion and tutsan.