The Moscow Coffee House at the IX International Tea&Coffee Festival in St. Petersburg and Delicious Fair “Coffee&Tea” in Moscow

In early autumn our company participated in two major events of tea and coffee industry, each of which was outstanding and memorable experience for lovers of elite tea and coffee.

From September 2 to 4 everyone could enjoy delicious coffee from The Moscow Coffee House at the IX International Tea&Coffee Festival in St. Petersburg. It was sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Government of St. Petersburg, and the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.

The festival is held to give a promotion to the tea and coffee industry, strengthen interregional and international relations between producers, suppliers, and consumers of tea and coffee.

At the Moscow square were held tastings, performances, and competitions. Residents and visitors learned about tea and coffee drinking traditions of the world, art and culture of many countries where tea and coffee are grown for many centuries.

Every visitor could take part in ancient and contemporary tea and coffee ceremonies and tastings. Also, on the festival the International Tea Contest and International Coffee Contest were held. The jury consisted of russian and international world-class experts.

And from September 16 to 18 in Moscow park “Sokolniki” our company presented its products at the Delicious Fair “Coffee and Tea” organized by the magazine “Coffee and Tea in Russia” with support of the Association "Roschaicoffee” and the Moscow Government.

On this family holiday visitors had an opportunity to taste the beverages of many Russian companies, watch coffee and tea contests, participate in thematic competitions, learn more about the culture and traditions of coffee and tea drinking, as well as to learn alternative brewing methods.

The coffee from The Moscow Coffee House was warming people of Moscow and St. Petersburg and gave them great emotions. We believe that after this event the army of our coffee fans has grown even more!