Novelty from The Moscow Coffee House – espresso capsules for Nespresso coffee machines

Rush of modern life sets rules for everything that is so important for us, including coffee drinking ritual. Convenience of the brewing method becomes one of the most important aspects, and coffee in capsules is becoming more and more popular on the market every year.

With this product at hand you can save time and fully enjoy at once.

And if you want the most vivid emotions from your coffee, try cutting-edge novelty of The Moscow Coffee House – unique capsules for Nespresso coffee machines.

This is a perfect espresso, its depth and richness of taste are revealed in a very special way, with subtle nuances of flavor resulted from a special method of roasting the precious beans from the best coffee regions of the world. For each blend of the espresso capsules collection we have selected the optimum grinding and roasting method to let you sense the whole range of taste and aroma of espresso.

The quality of roasting and grinding is carefully controlled and guaranteed by thorough experience of our specialists. Besides, we do not use any additives, while packaging made of special materials securely preserves the valuable properties of coffee to let you enjoy as long as possible. And one more important advantage of our coffee in capsules – you don’t have to search it only in specialized shops or online. It is available at regular supermarkets.

Original – for those who follow traditions and stick to classics. It has excellent taste with a silky, slightly fruity aftertaste and memorable flavor.

Smooth – refined, with enveloping warmth. Romantic people will appreciate delicate taste of hand-picked beans, smooth aftertaste with a hint of sweetness and intense floral aroma revealed through careful roasting and perfect grinding.

Saturated – in no time boosting your energy and inspiration, the best choice for living at fast pace. It has exquisite bitterness and strength of selected African Robusta well-balanced with aromatic Arabica from southern latitudes. Dark roast emphasizes dense, rich aroma with notes of dark chocolate and spices.

Tantalizing taste and flavor of espresso blends by The Moscow Coffee House give you unforgettable emotions every day. This is an exclusive collection for true gourmets.