The Moscow Coffee House participated in the 17th International Food and Special Equipment Expo “SIAL China 2016”

The International Food and Special Equipment Expo “SIAL China 2016” saw were about three thousands exhibitors from 65 countries and 66,000 industry specialists.

Russia participated in the exhibition for the first time. Our booth, which was very popular, included expositions of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Stavropol region, Rostov, Tomsk and Orenburg regions, as well as large agricultural holdings APH “Miratorg”, Group of companies “Yug Rusi”, “KDV Group” holding company, Draftek ltd, and other companies.

The Moscow Coffee House was among the participants of the “SIAL China 2016” too. The company booth, being a part of the collective exposition, was visited by a delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia headed by Alexander Nikolayevich Tkachev.

He thoroughly watched the wide product range and appreciated the innovations which are unique for the Russian market.

During the exhibition the minister discussed a current state of agriculture and main issues of our agricultural exports to the Chinese market with the heads of delegations of the Russia regions and managers of exhibiting companies.

Tkachev declared a readiness to support Russian exporters fully and took part in the presentation of electronic trading platform designed for the sale of Russian food products in China. The minister expressed hope that high quality and safety of Russian food products will very soon be appreciated by Chinese consumers.