Careful: again falsification!

Year by year The Moscow Coffee House works on improvement of the produced coffee quality, thereby winning trust of more and more buyers. However, we need to accept, that our coffee is still got falsified. Most often it happens in case of our one of the most popular products – freeze-dried “Arabica”.

Packing of the falsified product looks very similar to the original one. How to differentiate real coffee from the falsified one? Here is the list of differences with the help of which you will easily identify which kind of product is in front of you. 

1. On the back side of the package there is PCT sign instead of EAC; some letters are missing in the Kazakh text (for example, instead of «Таза салмагы» there is «Таза салма ы»).

2. There is a “Ukrainian trefoil” sign at the bottom of the package, also some letters are missing in the Kazakh text.

3. Date of production and life period are written without space.

4. There are semicircular embedded areas on the side seams of the package bottom part.

5. Circles around the company logo are made not with transparent lacquer, but with red paint. 

6. Colour of the package is lighter, yellow, also there is much glossy blotchiness on the label.

7. Pictures on the back side of the label are blurry and not clear.

8. Embossed elements of the package seam are different, they are located not in diagonal, but in vertical rows, and the seam itself is not straight. Moreover, granules of falsified coffee have foreign smell and their size is smaller than in the real coffee from The Moscow Coffee House. 

We sincerely hope, that you will be aware while buying coffee and will not have doubts even for a second about the highest quality of our coffee, that will continue to give you pleasure every morning.

We earnestly request you to inform us in case of falsification.