New prestigious price in the collection of The Moscow Coffee House

Our company has won in one of the most prestigious competitions among Russian producers – “Star of Russian Quality”.

A mark of public recognition “Star of Russian Quality” – is a symbol of high level of trust of Russian consumers. It indicates, that production of the plant has got a positive expert evaluation of conformity with the public quality criteria in the framework of general national quality control evaluation system – ESG (environmental, social, corporate governance).

Awarding ceremony took place in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Certificate of Merit and Certificate of Winner of the Competition were awarded to Executive Director of The Moscow Coffee House Vladimir Chermoshentsev by Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, Sergey Zheleznyak. He thanked The Moscow Coffee House, that in the complicated foreign policy conditions and in spite of the circumstances the company produces its product, which can be the pride of the whole country.

While congratulating the winners, coordinator of “Quality mark” Project, member of the Federation Council, Vyacheslav Timchenko underlined, that holding of this competition is especially important in the framework of import substitution policy, because evaluating the nominees it becomes possible to identify the most competitive national producers. 

Thorough selection of the competition participants and strict evaluation of jury leave no doubts, that The Moscow Coffee House has deserved to possess such a big reward. Quality of coffee produced by this company is highly appreciated not only by millions of Russian consumers, but also by the recognized world experts.

At the meeting, that took place after the awarding ceremony, Executive Director of The Moscow Coffee House, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Chermoshentsev addressed to other participants of the ceremony with an initiative to sign a Declaration of Russian Producers “We are for strong Russia!”. He paid special attention to the fact, that in the conditions of strengthening sanction pressure on the Russian economy it is necessary to act for the mutual goal – production of high quality and competitive products, demanded not only in Russia, but also in the international global markets.  

According to Chermoshentsev's opinion, signing of the Declaration facilitates unification of the Russian producers basing on principles of economic patriotism, support of the import substitution policy as a national priority. The participants supported proposal of Vladimir Aleksandrovich with enthusiasm. Signing of the Declaration by other Russian producers continues.