Celebrating International Coffee Day on the 1st October

Very soon already the whole world will celebrate an official International Coffee Day. National coffee days have been celebrated from quite long time ago on different dates. However, in spring 2014 International Coffee Organization  (ICO), in which The Moscow Coffee House has membership, has established a single coffee day.

On the 1st October there will be organized events uniting devotees of this bracing drink – tasting, fairs, competitions, workshops. International coffee organization and 27 coffee associations are doing many preparations for this massive event. Herewith, this date coincides with the 115th session of the International Council on coffee and the 1st Global Coffee Forum, which will be held during Expo-2015 exhibition in Milan.     

“Roschaicoffee” association has been appointed as a trustee of the International Coffee Day in Russia, which promises “festival of quality, variability and passion to coffee”. In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Orenburg and other cities coffee houses will offer their guests a cup of coffee as a present. The events planned in framework of the celebration can be followed in Instagram, hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay.

We offer to meet this wonderful day together with an impressing palette of tastes of our coffee – with sophisticated “Suare”, bright “Mocco”, exquisite “Espresso”, tart “Colombo” and soft “Arabica”.

Feel real magic of coffee from The Moscow Coffee House!