100% natural coffee, "3 in 1" from The Moscow Coffee House

It is precisely unique because of its natural composition: without dyes, sweeteners, palm and coconut oils. Nothing extra - high-quality coffee, natural cream of Russian production and sugar.

Rate rich taste, pleasant aroma and convenient packaging designed specifically for coffee-achievers who lead an active lifestyle and are used to be economical of their time. And all this - at the traditionally affordable price!

Choose your coffee "3 in 1" which most accurately reflects your personality.

3 in 1 "Classic" will strike fancy of those who value modesty and inner peace. The harmonious combination of coffee, cream and sugar perfectly complement any breakfast and will add a positive wave to your day.

If you are one who indulge yourself frequently and think that the cream is never too much? Choose "Myagkiy" with a delicate creamy taste that can easily turn the work afternoon into a small holiday.

And for the fans of strong coffee and with a small amount of sugar "Krepkiy" will be a perfect choice - dense and full-bodied, which are keeping cheerfulness for a long time to fit for new achievements.

Take a fresh look at the coffee "3 in 1" with us! Our coffee "3 in 1" - the naturalness in everything!